How good do I have to be to take part?

There is no minimum level for performers. Even if you’ve only been playing a few weeks you are welcome to play if you wish. This is about meeting other adult music students and enjoying making music.

Do we perform together in a band that rehearses in the morning?

The performances are mainly solo or in small, previously organised ensembles. If you don’t like the idea of performing a solo then you can get together with a friend or maybe another of your teacher’s adult students to play a duet or even in a slightly bigger group.

What do I do about an accompanist?

These events can provide a learning experience for new accompanists who may have limits on what they can prepare and accompany and excessively difficult material may not be accommodated. People should aim to perform something that can either be accompanied by someone less experienced, or to play unaccompanied. Beginner/intermediate level accompaniments are usually able to be accommodated.

Please also bear in mind that rehearsal time is limited and aim to play something which fits together relatively easily.

Performers are welcome to bring their own accompanist if they wish. The accompanist does not have to pay a performing fee if attending in this capacity.

There will be facilities to use a backing track if required. This can be on CD, USB, or ipod. Please let me know if you want to do this.

How is the day organised?

Performers arrive when they can during the morning to socialise and rehearse. Those who have been paired up with an accompanist will be able to have some time practising with their accompanist. Those needing to do this will have priority on the piano above pianists. Lunch is taken when you like prior to the start of the afternoon concert. Drinks and light snacks are available throughout the day.

How do I choose what to play?

Some people find that their teacher is helpful with this task.

If you are a nervous performer (most of the people taking part) it may be best to choose to play a piece which is not too difficult for you technically. Do choose something you really enjoy playing as this will show in your performance.

Those preparing for exams may like to air one of their exam pieces.

How big is the audience likely to be?

The concert is not open to the general public and is made up of the other performers and their families, close friends and teachers. There may also be some adult learners who have not yet plucked up the courage to perform at a concert.

Why do I have to pay a fee to perform?

The concerts are non profit making and the fee is set to cover the days expenses based on a minimum numbers of performers to make the concert viable. Any surplus is donated to a nominated charity.